Electronic WeChat is a good Linux client for WeChat. As it shows in the official document:

A better WeChat on macOS and Linux. Built with Electron.**


  1. Download the latest release from Official Website according to your system. Here I use linux-x64.tar.gz;
  2. Decompress the tar package and copy to one destination folder. Here I copy it to /usr/local/;
  3. copy wechat log in the Github repository to your local filesystem. Here I copy it to /usr/local/electronic-wechat-linux-x64/;
  4. Write one desktop file or directly copy it from My Gist. You could put it in ~/.local/share/applications or /usr/share/applications;


After installation, you will see the one wechat logo in your application menu.

wechat logo

Just click on the wechat logo, and scan through your phone.


[1] electronic-wechat