Download one base image

vagrant box add ubuntu/trusty64
mkdir klee
vagrant init ubuntu/trusty64

Boot and Modify the machine

vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Klee Installation and configuration

You can follow Building KLEE (LLVM 3.4) to install and configure KLEE.

Create new base image

$ vagrant package --base trusty64_default_1529872704422_34658

Then you will see one file - in the working directory.

Note, you can use following instruction to obtain the name of a VM in VirtualBox.

$ VBoxManage list vms
"bionic64_default_1527182703834_99771" {daba6cbc-6031-4526-975f-3d5d952d6e89}
"trusty64_default_1529872704422_34658" {f7d11d1b-d88e-4241-a36e-78d434e0fa51}

Sharing the base box

One easy method to share the base box is to Upload the base box to Vagrant Cloud.

Sign in

At first, you need to create one account and sign in with your new account.

Create new image


Create new version


Then you will see the new vagrant box like this,


Select provider and Upload box file


Here I use vritualbox. So I fill the provider as “virtualbox”.


Then upload the box file to Vagrant Cloud.