Setup Linux Shadowsocks with ssr script

Setup ShadowsocksR client tool

I occosionally got one useful script(See Reference 1) from my friend. It saved me lots of efforts to configure shadowsocks on Linux platform. So I would like to share it through my blog.

Let’s first look at its help menu.

ShadowSocksR python client tool
if you have not installed ssr, run `ssr install` first
	 ssr help

	 ssr install      install shadowsocksr client
	 ssr uninstall    uninstall shadowsocksr client

 Config and Subscribe
	 ssr update       update subscription from
	 ssr config       edit config.json
	 ssr xclip        paste configs from clipboard to config.json

	 ssr start        start the shadowsocks service
	 ssr stop         stop the shadowsocks service
	 ssr restart      restart the shadowsocks service

 Testing and Maintenance
	 ssr test         get ip from using socks5 proxy
	 ssr log          cat the log of shadowsocks
	 ssr shell        cd into ssr installation dir
	 ssr clean        clean ssr configuration backups

Its uasage is very simple - ssr install -> ssr config -> ssr start.

In the end of starting, it leverages proxychains4 to test whether the configuration is working.

Note that, you could buy paofu subscription and export server configuration from Mac/Windows clients.

Configure local proxy

Next, you need to configure local proxy to use shadowsocks

First, open Network from Setting,


Second, configure the proxy with Socks Host: and Ports: 1080, like the following picture,



[1] ssr script