In submitting-patches.rst [2], Linux kernel leverages ./scripts/ to get the maintainers of corresponding patches or kernel files. To be specify, this script takes a patch as input and gives back a list of email addresses. These email addresses are usually passed to git send-email [3] for patch submission.

However, it is really troublesome to copy email address into git send-email.

git send-email

After searching online, I found two great command options of git send-email.

    --to-cmd                <str>  * Email To: via `<str> $patch_path`
    --cc-cmd                <str>  * Email Cc: via `<str> $patch_path`

--to-cmd specifies a command to execute once per patch file which should generate patch file specific “To:” email addresses. Output of this command must be single email address per line. Default is the value of sendemail.tocmd configuration value.

The same to --cc-cmd, except that the former is for “To:” and the latter is for “CC:”.

What to to next is to copy the following lines into ~/.gitconfig:

    tocmd ="`pwd`/scripts/ --nogit --nogit-fallback --norolestats --nol"
    cccmd ="`pwd`/scripts/ --nogit --nogit-fallback --norolestats --nom"

Finally, when I need to submit a patch, just type the following command:

git send-email 0001-ieee802154-hwsim-Fix-memory-leak-in-hwsim_add_one.patch