Send Linux kernel with HUST SMTP

Recently I would like to change my email account to send kernel patch from Gmail to HUST Mail. After checking the specification of HUST Mail for faculty[1], I did the following configuration to my git-sendmail.


sudo apt install git git-core git-sendmail


Same as [2], edit the .gitconfig in the home directory to add the following sendmail configuration.

	from = Dongliang Mu <>
        smtpencryption = tls
        smtpuser =
        smtpserver =

Send Linux kernel patch with HUST SMTP

Use git format-patch to generate one kernel patch, and git send-mail to send patch

# PWD should be a kernel git repository
git format-patch -1
# this Gmail is a testing mailbox, please use your own
git send-mail 0001-*.patch


[1] 教工服务-电子邮箱
[2] Setting up git send-email with gmail to send Linux kernel patch